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Customer Testimonials

Contact Physio Were Great!

"I injured myself in March 2014 and the was sent to Contact Physio to have some physio on my knee. I then spent the next year under their care, and what great care it was.  Through out the whole process of being sent to see a specialist to getting surgery and then the long recovery process has been absolutely fantastic. The physio was very friendly and caring person who is great at her job and really listens to you and structures the exercises and rehab to push you but not be too painful. I really appreciated all the time and effort she put into getting me back onto my feet. I wouldn't hesitate to send all my friends and family to her. Over all I thought Contact Physio were great. "

Problem Identified and Fixed very Quickly!

"Knowing Contact Physio through the my Pilates classes (which are also fantastic!) I felt comfortable sending my son along to Contact Physio for his neck issue.  She was warm and friendly with him and put him at ease immediately.  The problem was quickly identified and we were given well explained exercises to continue with at home.  Then it was my turn with a shoulder problem.  Again, great service and the problem identified and fixed very quickly…  I have no hesitation in recommending Contact Physio for righting all your wrongs! "
Many thanks

My Ankle was Back to Full Strength in no time!

"I went to Contact Physio after an ankle injury which left me in a lot of pain and unsure of what I should do. The physio was very thorough with diagnosing the problem and gave me a detailed rehabilitation plan. Everything was easy to understand and my ankle was back to full strength in no time. Friendly and professional I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anybody. "

The first thing Krissy did for me was give me hope.
"So this is me in the trees at adrenalin forest. Thank you Krissy. About a year ago I rang Krissy and asked her to look at my MRI results for my back and to please help me. I thought maybe she could give me some exercises to do that would stop my back from getting worse. I would wake up in the morning feeling crippled and almost cry trying to get my socks on. I was getting depressed thinking this is my life and I am having to live managing pain rather than having experiences that make you go Wow that was awesome! The first thing Krissy did for me was give me hope. Over the last year she has put up with my boom and bust attitude I feel so much better so I will........Oops. she listened to me when I had life changes and trauma and gave the most amazing advice. And she worked out what works for to help me stay motivated and on track. I have gone from walking like a 96 year old bent and shuffling at times to taking on adrenalin forest, and Wow, what an awesome experience so thank you Krissy for helping me get back to living my life. " Collette
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