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Customer Testimonials

Importance of core strength
“I haven’t been doing Pilates long (started this term in a level 2 class) and I’m fit and strong from running, my work (dairy farmer) and ridding dressage. Already I have had amazing benefit from the work on my core and knowing to hold my self better. I’m the strongest I have ever been, my lower back hasn't been sore since I started. Now I enjoy work and running even more. Would recommend Pilates to anyone. Hannah”

Great for young ones too! 
“Pilates strengthening my "core" has increased my confidence on the slopes. For many years instructors have said you need to be stronger through your core - hey presto Pilates has fixed this! My daughter had problems with posture which involved her Mum (me) continually nagging her to stand up straight. Since she has been doing Pilates her posture has improved greatly - other people have noticed and commented on how much straighter she is, particularly when playing the piano. As her Mum I never have to say stand up straight anymore because she is straight 99% of the time. Thumbs Up! Cathie”

The exercises have improved both my mobility and core strength.

“I'm really happy with how the Pilates works for me.  Having been coming for about a year I have seen how much more I can do now than at the start.  I had some concerns as I have had a back operation a few years ago and a shoulder op not to mention all the other usual aches and pains we get as we get older!!  I have found that by just working on doing the best I can with exercises and your (Krissy's) help to do different levels of exercises if that is appropriate I am gaining great benefit.  The exercises have improved both my mobility and core strength."

The benefits have come from sticking at it long term

“For me the benefits have come from sticking at it long term, especially with regards to my old injuries.  The strength is slowly returning and it has been in a gentle way."

My Rehabilitation from my Back Injury has been Fantastic

“I love the way Pilates has jump started my abdominal muscles and I can feel them working and supporting when I am walking now. Pilates has made me feel relaxed but also energized after each class. With Krissy introducing me to Pilates, my rehabilitation from my back injury has been fantastic – it is gentle, yet you can really feel your muscles working hard and you don’t go away hot and sweaty and out of breath. Just toned and fabulous! "
Thank you so much Krissy. 
To engage right muscle
“I’m doing Pilates to increase my fitness and to be more aware of how your body works ie muscles etc. This is in the hope to not have injuries but build up muscles and know more about how to engage the right muscles for the jobs at hand on the farm. Cheers Jeanette”
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